TwoLeos Design started out as a dream of making affordable, luxurious, one-of-a-kind bags while at the same time allowing Rebecca to stay at home with her daughter. Rebecca’s passion for sewing has continued to grow as the years have gone by. She loves to create new things and enjoys working with gorgeous, high-quality fabrics and leather. The leather used in TwoLeos bags is sourced from a trusted supplier in Italy so you get a bag with the best quality and finish.



Every TwoLeos bag is handcrafted by Rebecca from start to finish. There is no production line. That means that each bag is unique and created with love. It is important that each bag is not only beautiful, fashionable, but also functional. So many people have the same mass-produced bags; instead, treat yourself with a unique bag that you love and know was handcrafted with care. Rebecca pays special attention to detail to ensure every item is of superior quality and worth spending your hard-earned money on.